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Products and Prices

CF Services offers the convenience of easy access to CF medications and medical devices - all in one place! We carry a wide variety of medications, including limited-distribution drugs.*

Because of our comprehensive inventory and expertise, which promotes a holistic approach to care, you benefit from working with just one pharmacy that handles all the prior authorizations and ordering not only for your CF, but also for CF-related conditions like diabetes and transplants.

Specifically, we carry:

  • CFTR modulators
  • Nebulizers and nebulized medications such as TOBI®, TOBI® Podhaler™ and Cayston®
  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Transplant medications
  • Acid reducers
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Diabetes medications
  • Nutritional supplements and vitamins

Download our latest product and pricing list.


The list only represents a partial list of products. For a complete list, please call 800-541-4959 or email Prices listed are provided to insurance companies and are for cash purchases. Prices are subject to change without advance notice. Approved drug information is available at:


*Limited-distribution drugs may have special dosing and monitoring requirements that need to be followed closely. Only a select group of pharmacies with specialized expertise are designated as providers. CF Services is a designated provider for Cayston, TOBI and TOBI Podhaler and the exclusive distributor of the eRapid Nebulizer System.


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