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 Wishing for a more cost-effective generic to help you breath a little easier?
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Generic Sodium Chloride 3 percent

CF Services Pharmacy introduces...

Sodium Chloride
Solution USP 3% and 7% 

Sodium Chloride Solution USP 7 package

Facts about Generic Sodium Chloride Solution USP 3% and 7%
  • CF Services requires a prescription to obtain this medication.
  • Each package contains 60x4ml Unit Dose Vials.
  • The vials are single-use and are made of plastic.
  • The vials are sterile, preservative-free and non-pyrogenic.
  • This product is for inhalation only. Not for injection or parenteral administration.
*The contents of these vials are used in conjunction with a nebulizer for the induction of sputum production where sputum production is indicated.
Exclusively distributed by the CF Services Pharmacy!

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